Tired of wasting money and time on marketing that doesn't work?

The notion of a marketing funnel and customer journey which is an organized process are old ones, born with the industrial revolution (somewhere in the 19th century!) and they are simply not relevant anymore in today’s digital and connected world, where people meet your brand in more places and ways you can possibly imagine.

Reach more relevant people at once

Engagement Strategy disrupts marketing as you know it because it completely changes the notion of a “funnel” and of “personas” or “audiences”. It looks at marketing, sales and business from a broader and less tangible point of view. We look at people and human behavior more than we look at cold hard numbers, which are often meaningless.

What the process includes

  1. Find your HQE Index (High Quality Engagement) – the HQE index is different from business to business, depending on various parameters. We start by defining the HQE index that is right for your company.
  2. Find your communities – define your ideal and optimal communities, where they are, who they are and what each of them looks like.
  3. Build your Engagement Scheme – Try to pinpoint all the touch points with each of the communities and where they also meet each other (not just your brand).
  4. Create your voice and tell your story – storytelling that matches the communities and HQE index means creating a unique voice and finding a broad common ground, bringing all of your communities together so they can not only support your brand, but also support each other.
  5. Choose the right tools, platforms and channels for your communities and stories.
  6. Decide on a timeline for your strategy, braking the HQE index into milestones and goals.
  7. Measure your growth.

How long it takes

Creating an Engagement Strategy requires a 3 months commitment, to a process that includes weekly sessions (total of 30 hours per month).

What you get

The product of the process is a set of strategy documents including (but not limited to):

  • Your HQE index
  • Communities characteristics
  • Community Platform handbook (channel comparison and recommendations)
  • Engagement scheme
  • Content plan & keywords
  • Timeline (content calendar for month 1, goals/milestones for 6, 12 months)

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