We have also had the opportunity and the honor to take part in the exciting journeys of several companies, which became global leaders in their fields of VR, IoT, Wearables and Consumer Electronics.

Working with these companies (on an ongoing basis) has given us interesting insights into the market for rich and deep tech products and the way very heterogenous communities form around these products, with technology early adopters, soccer moms and professionals alike, all racing to be the first to get the new product or to try something, all talking to the brand and to each other online and all helping each other to promote the brand. Such products draw people who normally wouldn’t “fit together” (if you were, for example to try and neatly place them onto “Persona” cards) but who all work together, as one living organism, to promote the success of the brand that brings them their new favorite products.

These communities, that we have helped create from the ground up (often from the point of setting up the communication channels even, because the brand had zero online presence when we came on board as consultants), embody our 3Ws model best of all, proving how well it works over and over again every day.