One of the first verticals we found ourselves in was Medical Devices Marketing. Working with several companies developing medical technology for different fields (Nuclear medicine, fall prevention, dialysis, radiotherapy and more) helping them find a unique voice, tell their story in a simple way that even the layman understands and access new markets, investors and potential customers and partners.

The challenges with Medical Device companies are usually:

  • Understand what they do with minimum technical/medical terms
  • Protecting IP – how much is it ok to tell the world before the patents are granted, when is the right time to say it
  • Create a connection between the company’s products to a bigger more “trendy” vertical to gain access to more investors (example: wearable, IoT, Industry 4.0 etc.)
  • Funding – Medical Device companies usually require larger sums of funding from the get go and it is not easy to find investors who believe in the dream
  • Market penetration – these are mostly B2B companies, whose products will sell to hospitals, clinics, other manufacturers… not directly to patients. Yet, without the power of added value and strong communities even the business clients will not know about them. So how do you put the “C” into the “B” and use a community development approach to generate thought leadership and demand from the ground up? So that patients learn of this new exciting technology and demand it from their caregivers?