I collaborated with Elinor during the last acceleration program in H-Farm. She is one of the few mentors able to understand in no time the stage, the needs and the business troubles of startups that attended the acceleration program. Moreover Elinor is a open-minded visionary woman able not only to understand the need of the startup itself but mostly to connect deeply with the founders and to push them beyond their fears. She takes communities engagement very seriously and finds ways to overcome the inevitable difficulties that a startup will find in growth phase.


Alvaro Antonini, Italy, February 2016

Elinor is an explosion of fresh ideas combined with skills she perfected over years of experience in social media marketing, brand awareness and growth hacking! The ultimate Success Package when it comes to mentoring startups! I met Elinor a few months ago and in only an hour of conversation, she gave me extremely valuable tips, tricks and suggestions to grow our traction and brand awareness! We have been in touch since and she never hesitates to drop me a line if she has thought about us and something new has come to her mind that she wants to share – simply because it could help. I highly recommend Elinor as a mentor: she is very attentive, examines your business needs closely and never runs out of new ideas tailored just for your project.

Ieva Strupule, Italy, February 2016